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Philatelic agency Stamperija Ltd. – the official representative of Solomon Islands post office which distributes postage stamps in all foreign markets (2012-2017).

For commerce and ordering Solomon Islands postage stamps please contact or send us an inquiry.





Production of postage stamps, representing post offices of various countries and distribution of postage stamps upon contract. Currently we represent more than 10 post administrations of various countries worldwide.   

Wholesale and retail trade of postage stamps of various countries. 

Stamperija Ltd. produces diverse thematic stamps to satisfy the demand of stamp dealers and stamp collectors for many years. We are constantly trying to maintain and encourage the great tradition of philately and consider it as a particular form of art, illustrating the essential events and personalities throughout history. The team of our devoted designers does its best to create actual and meaningful postage stamps that would suit Your demands.

 We assure You that Stamperija.Ltd complies with all the regulations to produce official postage stamps and offer our services to many countries throughout the world.

 It is great to know that postage stamps still passionate plenty of stamp collectors and the tradition of philately flourishes up to this day.

CEO of Stamperija Ltd. Algirdas SATAS


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